During the summer of 1948, a group of avid boaters from the community discussed the possibility of obtaining what was then known as the long dock in the town of Deseronto, as access to the Bay as well as a location to dock their boats. The three main individuals involved were Floyd Marlin, Jim Moon and Jim Gaulin.

After bringing their proposal to the town council, it was determined that the property was actually owned by the a railroad company.

The men were then told that they could use the land if they would clean it up. So after much hard work during that first summer and much more in the following years, they soon had things cleaned up and looking very good.

In 1950 the boaters decided to form a fishing club, so they again approached the town of Deseronto, this time to purchase the land. As the land was owned by a railway company, discussions took place between all concerned and finally the newly formed Fishing Club bought the land from the town for a grand total of $1.00. This included the right of way to Mill St.

The first elected officers of the new club were:
Floyd Marlin - President
Chub Gordon - Vice President
Jim Moon - Secretary/Treasurer

Today the grounds are beautiful, groomed and resembles a peninsula at the foot of Mill Street with a wonderful view looking out over the Bay of Quinte.